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Maker of some good wine!

A passion that started out innocent

At the ripe age of 21 Derek Daniel found himself working as a sommelier in Utah where he made friends with a women. She invited him on a non-romantic trip to the Willamette Valley where there he found his true love, Pinot noir.

How could wine taste like this?

He got to studying, researching classical wine and read books. There was only so much he could learn, he had to be in front of the real deal. So after he got invited again to do a 5 day wine tasting he was hooked! In the spring of 2016 Derek applied at White Rose to be a tasting room manager and asked to make his own wine, they said yes to both! 120 applicants and he got the job! Derek was ecstatic that he had the authority and ability to negotiate, he states that our lives are not always so concrete that we can carve out the life we want to live. Derek did just that and continues to keeping pathing the way like many of the Oregon pioneers here!

Mentored by Jesus

If anyone knows how to make wine new again, Jesus would be it. This is one fun trick that Derek learned from his mentor named Jesus, that when your wine starts to spoil just ball up saran wrap and drop it into your wine glass leaving it for a few minutes and your wine will be made like NEW!


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